Business transformation

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Do you or your organisation face some of the following challenges?

  • A merging process that is or will be impacting company values & culture, job security, and possibly employee morale.
  • Continuous challenges from the environment, such as security issues, economy downturns or upswings, and tougher competition.
  • A need to be innovative and creative, a need to anticipate customer needs.
  • A loss of talented employees and increasing difficulties replacing them.
  • Costly training programs that wind up on employee bookshelves.

What we see and experience in today´s business environment is a constant need for individuals that welcome change, who can and will manage it, and who anticipate it. Training programs focusing on "soft" team skills in many cases do not produce the required impact because they lack foundation or just don't respond to individual needs.

We are offering a new approach. Work on the individual first! Why?

  • Performance is directly affected by the individual limitations, fears, and resistance to change. "Yes, but…", "I can't…")
  • Team efforts and communications become limited by narrow viewpoints and inflexibility. ("You are wrong", "This is how it is")
  • Company goals are hindered by individuals who are misaligned and/or lack clear personal goals. This often shows up as stress, procrastination, and lack of enthusiasm.
  • Innovation and creativity are obscured by worries and short-term vision.


The workshop provides a set of tools that can be applied in everyday life. Thirty simple and powerful exercises explore…

  • A personality profile that stimulates insights into the blueprint of our own consciousness.
  • The power of will and of focusing your own attention as a vehicle to achieve goals with reduced stress.
  • The relationship between beliefs and experience and how changing what we believe can change how we experience.
  • Self-honesty as a foundation to eliminate conflicts and increase understanding among individuals.
  • How to increase flexibility in your perspective about any topic.
  • A novel approach to goal setting and an alignment plan to achieve them.


This first step is an affordable two-day training that will impact the life of you and your employees.